Inspiration: Thunder Storms

Finding Inspiration in the Everyday: I often describe myself as being inspired by nature, but that alone is a very broad statement. So today, I would like to share a bit more about exactly what I mean. Generally speaking, I find inspiration in small moments from my daily life. It could be a plant in … Continue reading Inspiration: Thunder Storms

Illustrated Recipe: Apple Pie

How I Created an Illustrated Recipe: For this post, I will be sharing my creative process behind the design and illustration of a recipe for apple pie. I chose this recipe because it is one of my favorites and it also has wide appeal (and because I make a amazing apple pie!).  This was a … Continue reading Illustrated Recipe: Apple Pie

Artist Handbook: Cleaning Your Brushes

How to Clean Your Brushes: One of my goals as an artist has been to improve and learn new skills through online tutorials, classes, blogs, etc., so I have watched hours of video! While there are a ton of "how-to" or "best" art supply videos, none of them really go in depth about caring for those … Continue reading Artist Handbook: Cleaning Your Brushes

Finding Your Purpose

My Two Cents on Finding Your Purpose: First of all, lets take a look at this phrase, "finding your purpose". Wow! Talk about a loaded sentence. There is so much pressure when we start thinking about finding the one true thing you are destined to do with your life. As if in one "eureka" moment it … Continue reading Finding Your Purpose

My Story: Part 3

College Again & A New Career Continued from Part 2... Needless to say, I really enjoyed college the second time around (regardless of the fact I was significantly older than many of my classmates). I was making art again! It was a very supportive environment where I was surrounded by creative and inspired people. As to be expected, this … Continue reading My Story: Part 3