Watercolor Landscapes:

One of my most favorite subjects to paint is landscapes. I am fascinated by the the way watercolor paints are able to capture the light as it plays over these natural spaces. More often than not, this luminous effect is created without the application white paint, but rather by leaving the white of the paper!

Flora & Fauna:

I love the natural world and I am inspired by the beauty that can be found there. This includes both plants and animals. I find eyes to be the most captivating and tend to make this a focal point in my work. The light in an animal’s eye offers a glimmer of the spirit beneath the fur or feathers.

From My Sketchbook:

Turning to a new source for inspiration, I have discovered the joys of urban sketching. In the past I found the thought of trying to draw buildings and the angles of perspective quite intimidating, but by allowing it to be done as a sketch and not a finished piece, all of my expectations for perfection have been released and I am free to experiment. For my line work, I often choose to use a dip pen and nib with waterproof ink which creates a very unique line quality that I really enjoy. Most of the sketches below are based on scenes from my neighborhood. These I have affectionately dubbed the Walker Street Collection, which are available for purchase as prints in my art shop.