Online Shopping Options

A lot of people have been asking me about prints, which is really encouraging! To anyone who has already purchased prints from me, thank you so much! If there is a particular print that you want or if you have a product suggestion, please do not hesitate to ask!
I love hearing from you.

To best accommodate a wide range of products, my art can be found via the following site links:

Art Shop

My Tictail shop offers original artwork and fine art prints. More items coming soon!
10% off promo code applicable here ONLY!


My VIDA shop offers fashion handbags. Promo code not applicable.

Red Bubble Shop

Through Red Bubble I hope to offer an additional range of products like journals, notebooks, duvet covers and wall tapestries. My plan is to finish developing the product line for Tictail before expanding to other formats. Launch Date: TBD.