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Artist & Creative Specialist

Cincinnati, OH

I am an artist and creative thinker, specializing in watercolor painting as well as pen and ink illustration. My subjects are generally organic in nature, as I prefer animals, plants, and landscapes. I have made it my purpose as an artist to share the beauty I see in the world through the visual medium of watercolor.

"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."

- Jamie Paolinetti


I have developed a wide range of creative skills, from fine art to digital media.

Watercolor Painting

Pen & Ink Illustration


Adobe Creative Suite


Graphic Design


Present and past work experience relevant to design and creative media.


Watercolor & Ink Artist

January 2017 to Present

After working as a graphic designer for several years, I decided to take my life in a new direction and pursue a career as a professional artist. Since then, I have been focused on taking my artistic skills and my business to the next level, constantly looking for new ways to improve while building an online presence. I am currently offering original art for sale, commissioned work, fine art prints, and online classes via Skillshare.  I have also opened a shop on Red Bubble which allows me to offer a range of products featuring my art. In 2018 I plan to publish my first art zine, focus more on marketing my brand, and build a channel on Skillshare. And maybe work more on YouTube, if I can squeeze it in!


Graphic Designer

July 2014 to September 2016

This design position revolved around the conception and design of large-scale vinyl graphics for vehicles and public transit advertising. Initially, I worked with all vehicle types, from cars and trucks all the way up to huge RV's. Later on, I became the sole designer to handling public transportation advertisements across all company markets which encompassed Greater Cincinnati, Cleveland, Lexington, Nashville, and a few small localities. I also prepared finalized files and sent orders on to the production phase, which involved a thorough error checking process. Occasionally, I created internal sales and marketing pieces. The work environment was fast-paced and demanded a high turn around rate, which required close collaboration with various other departments to ensure a high-quality final product. Through the daily ups and downs of this job, I gained valuable insights on how to problem solve, deal with clients, and manage projects. I found that organization and communication are key on all levels for company success. In addition, I further developed my graphic design skills, especially with Adobe Photoshop CC, a program that is now a regular part of processing my own artwork for social media and print.

Grapefruit Hand Drawn Chalk Sign


Signmaker & Graphic Artist

September 2013 to March 2014

While working for Whole Foods Market, I designed, created or built various style graphics for promotions, store literature, and signage for all departments of the store. These projects ranged from graphic design flyers and printed tags to hand-drawn shelf signs, chalkboards, glass writing, and the store calendar. I worked together with my fellow team members to assure that all objectives and goals of each department were achieved. This was especially challenging during the holidays as displays become more extravagant and complex. The position required a unique blend of both graphic design skills and drawing ability that made for a fun and constantly changing workload. I left this position to move to Ohio in 2014.


Over the course of my educational career I have earned two Bachelor's degrees. They are as follows:


Bachelor of Fine Arts: Visual Art with a concentration in Digital Art & Design

May 2013

Four years after earning my first degree, I decided to return to school in hopes of finding a better career path. I chose a concentration in Graphic Design, feeling confident that I would be able to find a job in the creative field after I graduated. I really enjoyed my second colligate experience, as it reignited that creative spark and was a very productive time for me. It served as my first introduction to Adobe design programs which was a big step towards taking my life in a new direction. This design education and digital tools proved to be invaluable. Today, I use these skills to build my own brand and develop an online business. 


Bachelor of Arts: General Studies

December 2007

While I have always enjoyed learning, I really struggled to find a direction in my early twenties. I had written off the idea of making a career out of art and so I floundered around trying to find something else I was passionate about. Let's just say I changed my major a few times. If I could give that younger version of my self some advice, I would say, "Stop trying to talk yourself into settling on a 'practical' major that you aren't passionate about. Commit to doing what you love and everything will work it's self out."

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